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species within: Onagraceae/Oenothera

Oenothera acutifolia Rostanski
Oenothera albipercurva Renner ex Hudziok (Oenothera ammophila x Oe. biennis)
Oenothera ammophila Focke
Oenothera angustissima Gates
Oenothera biennis L. s. str.
Oenothera braunii Doell s. str.
Oenothera brevispicata Hudziok
Oenothera canovirens Steele
Oenothera clavifera Hudziok
Oenothera coloratissima Hudziok
Oenothera compacta Hudziok
Oenothera coronifera Renner
Oenothera cruciata Nutt. ex G. Don
Oenothera deflexa Gates
Oenothera depressa Greene
Oenothera drawertii Renner ex Rostanski
Oenothera editicaulis Hudziok
Oenothera ersteinensis R. Linder & R. Jean
Oenothera fallax Renner s. str.
Oenothera flaemingina Hudziok
Oenothera glazioviana Micheli s. str.
Oenothera hoelscheri Renner ex Rostanski
Oenothera inconspecta Hudziok
Oenothera indivisa Hudziok
Oenothera issleri Renner ex Rostanski (Oenothera biennis x Oe. oakesiana)
Oenothera jueterbogensis Hudziok
Oenothera macrosperma Hudziok
Oenothera mediomarchica Hudziok
Oenothera nuda Renner ex Rostanski
Oenothera oakesiana (A. Gray) Robbins ex S. Watson & Coult s. str.
Oenothera obscurifolia Hudziok
Oenothera octolineata Hudziok
Oenothera oehlkersii Kappus ex Rostanski
Oenothera paradoxa Hudziok
Oenothera parviflora L. s. str.
Oenothera pseudocernua Hudziok
Oenothera punctulata Rostanski & Gutte
Oenothera pycnocarpa G. F. Atk. & Bartlett
Oenothera pyramidiflora Hudziok
Oenothera royfraseri Gates
Oenothera rubricaulis Kleb.
Oenothera suaveolens Pers.
Oenothera subterminalis Gates
Oenothera victorini Gates & Catcheside
Oenothera wienii Renner ex Rostanski
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