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species within: Violaceae/Viola

Viola alba Besser
Viola ambigua Waldst. & Kit.
Viola arvensis Murray
Viola biflora L.
Viola calaminaria (DC.) Lej. s. str.
Viola calcarata L.
Viola canina L. s. str.
Viola collina Besser
Viola elatior Fr.
Viola epipsila Ledeb.
Viola guestphalica Nauenb.
Viola hirta L.
Viola kitaibeliana Schult.
Viola mirabilis L.
Viola montana L.
Viola odorata L.
Viola palustris L.
Viola pumila Chaix
Viola pyrenaica Ramond ex DC.
Viola reichenbachiana Jord. ex Boreau
Viola riviniana Rchb.
Viola rupestris F. W. Schmidt
Viola schultzii Billot
Viola stagnina Kit. Ex Schult.
Viola suavis M. Bieb.
Viola tricolor L.
Viola uliginosa Besser
Viola wittrockiana Gams
Viola x bavarica Schrank (Viola reichenbachiana x V. riviniana)
Viola x scabra F. Braun (Viola hirta x V. odorata)
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