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trait details of "Life form"

group of trait Morphology
description The life form refers to the vertical position of vegetative buds (as an adaptation to uncomfortable seasons) (Raunkiaer 1934, 1937). Obviously life form and growth form show certain parallels (e.g. macrophanerkophytes - trees, nanophanerotphytes - shrubs).
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Life form range of values
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possible attribute values "Life form"
label name description
A Hydrophyte Resting buds are situated under water on the bed or in the mud
C Chamaephyte Resting buds are situated on herbaceous or only slightly lignified shoots some centimeters above the soil surface protected by parts of the plant itself and/or by a snow cover (especially cushion plants)
f questionable  
G Geophyte Resting buds are subterranean, often on storing organs protected within the soil
H Hemicryptophyte Resting buds are situated on herbaceous shoots close to the soil surface, protected by foliage or dead leaves
M Macrophanerophyte Resting buds are situated on woody shoots. The medial and apical ramifications of a woody trunk form a crown
N Nanophanerophyte Resting buds are situated on woody shoots, which form a stemless shoot system with strong basal ramification
P Pseudophanerophyte Resting buds are on this year’s shoots forming an aboveground, stemless, strongly ramified but only slightly lignified shoot system. Shoots flower in the second year, die down afterwards and are replaced by new innovation shoots annually (pseudoshrubs)
S Hemiphanerophyte Resting buds are situated on woody, basally ramified shoots up to a height of ca. 50 cm (dwarf shrub) or on the only basally lignified parts of higher shoots, which do not become lignified in their upper parts but die down periodically (suffrutex)
T Therophyte Summer annuals, which can only reproduce by means of generative diaspores