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trait details of "Life span"

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description The life span refers not only to the classes of actual life span (annuals, biennials, perennials), but also to the number of generative reproductions. Here we distinguish if a species flowers and fruits only once and then dies or if it may repeatedly flower and fruit
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Life span range of values
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possible attribute values "Life span"
label name description
f questionable  
a annual The individual cycle lasts for a maximum of one year (12 months)
b biennial The plant grows for approx. one year vegetatively before reaching the generative phase after which it completes its life cycle
h pluriennial-hapaxanthic The plant grows longer than one year (up to 5 years) vegetatively before completing its life cycle after the first and only generative reproduction stage
p pluriennial-pollakanthic The plant has more than one generative phase in its life