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trait details of "Root metamorphoses"

group of trait Morphology
description Root metamorphoses are modifications of the shoot. However this does not simply mean a transformation of the shape during growth and ageing, but is the development of different structures for special tasks (e.g. dispersal, storage) from comparable tissues.
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Root metamorphoses range of values
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possible attribute values "Root metamorphoses"
label name description
bw Buttress root Upper lateral root of trees. The thickend upper side of the root strengthens the basal part of the trunk buttress-like ensuring more stability
f questionable  
k Adhesive root Short aerial root attached to the substrate, trunk or wall without penetrating it
o Rootless Lack of any typical roots
p Pleiocorm System of compact, perennial shoots occuring at the proximal end of the persistent primary root. The innovation buds are situated in the axils of basal leaves. The connections between the shoots and the primary root are persistent
r Primary storage root Thickened primary root including the thickened hypocotyl and epicotyl, acting as a storage function
sw Secondary storage root Partly thickened adventitious or lateral root acting as storage. Contrary to root tubers it has not lost primary root functions, such as absorption and anchoring
wk Root tuber Thickened, not ramified adventitious root, formed by an innovation bud, which primarily acts as storage but rarely as absorption
ws Root shoot Adventitiously-rooted shoot growing from a main or lateral root. It is either leafless or has cataphyllary leaves during growth within the soil