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trait details of "Rosettes"

group of trait Morphology
description Rosettes develop through the absence of shoot elongation between the nodes. Thus, the leaves grow densely (usually) at the shoot base.
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Rosettes range of values
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possible attribute values "Rosettes"
label name description
r Erosulate plant After germination the plant only develops long internodes. All leaves are arranged in a more or less equally-spaced distance apart from each other on the axes
h Hemirosette plant A single or repeated change between phases in which either long or short internodes develop causing a temporal and spatial alternated occurrence of foliar leaves which are arranged either scattered or tightly packed at the shoot
g Rosette plant Leafy shoots exclusively consisting of short internodes with all foliar leaves basally-arranged forming a rosette. Only the flower stalks or the peduncles consist of long internodes without leaves or only with bracts