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trait details of "Leaf form"

group of trait Leaf traits
description We provide a brief overview about different leaf forms.
trait attribute attribute type
Leaf form range of values
  This overview displays all details for a trait including defined attributes (additional information concerning a trait) and possible states.
possible attribute values "Leaf form"
label name description
nad acicular Slender, rigid, needle-shaped leaves which are equally wide across most oft the length and often have a stiff tip.
schup scale-like Reduced, short but wide leaves adjoining the shoot.
gras grass-like Long and narrow (linear) leaves with parallel margins and usually long tip; width <10% of length.
lang long-leaf Lanceolate, spathulate or slender hastate (triangular) leaves; width 10-25% of length.
norm simple Oval or elliptic leaves; width 25-50% of length.
voll full Simple leaves, either orbicular, cordate, rhombic or polygonal; width >50% of length.
gelap lobate Leaves with lobed divisions up to 1/4-1/3 of the leave.
fied pinnatifid Almost pinnate (compound) leaves, which are not completely divided along the midrib.
fing digitate Leave with three or more divisions all arising at one point but not completely separated.
gefin palmate Compound leave with three or more completely separated leaflets all arising at one point.
gefie pinnate Compound leaves with leaflets arising in opposite pairs along the midrib (rhachis).
mgef bipinnate Compound leaves with leaflets which are pinnate again.
rohr tubular Unifacial (having just one surface), tuberous leaves; usually hollow inside.
schwe ensiform Unifacial (having just one surface), sword-like (vertical, flat leaves (e.g. genus Iris) .