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trait details of "Symphenological Groups"

group of trait Flowering phenology
description Phenological data for flowering are not given in months but refer to groups of coflowering species which are characteristic for specific seasons.
trait attribute attribute type
Phenological group range of values
Reference Reference
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possible attribute values "Phenological group"
label name description
0 not available
Phenological season: not available
1 Corylus-Leucojum-Phase
Phenological season: pre-spring
2 Acer platanoides-Anemone nemorosa-Phase
Phenological season: start of early spring
3 Prunus avium-Ranunculus auricomus-Phase
Phenological season: end of early spring
4 Fagus-Lamiastrum-Phase
Phenological season: start of mid spring
5 Sorbus aucuparia-Galium odoratum-Phase
Phenological season: end of mid spring
6 Cornus sanguinea-Melica uniflora-Phase
Phenological season: start of early summer
7 Ligustrum-Stachys sylvatica-Phase
Phenological season: end of early summer
8 Clematis vitalba-Galium sylvaticum-Phase
Phenological season: midsummer
9 Hedera-Solidago-Phase
Phenological season: early autumn
10 Autumn-Phase
Phenological season: autumn