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trait details of "Self-sterility and self-incompatibility"

group of trait Floral and reproductive biology
description Presence and strength of self-incompatibility of self-sterility. Self-incompatibility is defined as the failure of production of viable zygotes after selfing. It is a genetically controlled mechanism of self recognition and rejection of self-pollen prior to fertilization of the egg cell. "Self-sterility" is defined similarly but without a defined mechanism.
trait attribute attribute type
Self-sterility and self-incompatibility range of values
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possible attribute values "Self-sterility and self-incompatibility"
label name description
SC self-compatibel Selfing leads to seed set
C+ self-compatibel Selfing mostly leads to seed set
I+ self-incompatibel Selfing is mostly prohibited
SI self-incompatibel Selfing and seed set is impossible due to genetically determined mechanisms