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trait details of "SI mechanism"

group of trait Floral and reproductive biology
description Genetic/physiological mechanism of SI
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SI mechanism range of values
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possible attribute values "SI mechanism"
label name description
SSI sporophytic self-incompatibility Pollen germination is prevented on stigma surface, if one of the parental alleles are matched by alleles expressed in stigma
GSI gametophytic self-incompatibility All pollen germinates on stigma, but pollen tube growth stops if the allele expressed in haploid pollen is matched by alleles expressed in stigma
GSSI gametophytic-sporophytic incompatibility A combination of sporophytically and gametophytically controlled self-incompatibility
HSI heteromorphic self-incompatibility Incompatibility system that is genetically linked with heterostyly; often a diallelic sporophytic system
PSI postcygotic self-incompatibility Incompatibility reactions act either shortly before fertilization or after fertilization in the development of the zygote, the embryo or the endosperm
LA lethal alleles A large number of lethal alleles leads to near total mortality of self-fertilized embryos
U unknown mechanism Mechanism unknown
ID inbreeding depression After selfing deleterious alleles are expressed and lead to increased mortality during seed development, germination and juvenile growth
CSI cryptic self-incompatibility In selfcompatible species: outcross pollen has faster pollen tube growth and higher probability to sire offspring than self pollen