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trait details of "Breeding system"

group of trait Floral and reproductive biology
description The breeding system is defined by the origin of gametes that unite to form offspring. Breeding system in plants range from obligate outcrossing (xenogamy) over mixed mating systems (facultative xenogamy, facultative autogamy) to selfing (autogamy) and automixis (only in ferns)
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Breeding system range of values
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possible attribute values "Breeding system"
label name description
X allogamous Obligate outcrossing; gametes originate from different sporophytes
XF facultative allogamous Mainly outcrossing, selfing is possible
AFXF mixed mating Both outcrossing and selfing is common
AF facultative autogamous Mainly selfing, outcrossing is rare
AO autogamous Obligate selfing; gametes originate from the same sporophyte
I automixis Intragametophytic selfing; gametes originate from the same gametophyte