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trait details of "Sizes"

group of trait Seed traits
description For diaspores and germinules, minimal, mean and maximal length, width and thickness are given (in mm).
trait attribute attribute type
Measured object name
Type of germinule or diaspore range of values
Constraint true/false
Heteromorphic type range of values
Length (minimum) [mm] decimal number
Length (mean) [mm] decimal number
Length (maximum) [mm] decimal number
Width (minimum) [mm] decimal number
Width (mean) [mm] decimal number
Width (maximum) [mm] decimal number
Height (minimum) [mm] decimal number
Height (mean) [mm] decimal number
Height (maximum) [mm] decimal number
  This overview displays all details for a trait including defined attributes (additional information concerning a trait) and possible states.
possible attribute values "Type of germinule or diaspore"
label name description
F fruit Part of the plant that developed from the ovary and contains the ripe seeds.
Fch fruitlet Part of an aggregate fruit that developed from a single carpel and contains all fruit layers (endocarp, mesocarp, exocarp).
FchT part of fruitlet Woody endocarp of a single carpel of an aggregated drupe which contains one seed.
FchZb fruitlet with appendage Woody endocarp of a single carpel of an aggregated fruit which contains one seed and is connected with further parts of a plant.
FSt infructescence The inflorescence at the time when the seeds ripen; it still forms and looks like a single functional unit but contains several fruits.
FT part of fruit Woody endocarp of a single carpel of a drupe which contains one seed.
FZb fruit with appendage A fruit that is additionally connected to part of the plant (such as corolla, calyx, bracts, prophylls to support either dispersal or germination.
S seed Embryo of a plant produced from fertilisation of the ovule by pollen, enclosed in an outer coat, contains often additional nutrients.
SaF aggregate fruit (syncarpous) Made up of several fruitlets but formed from a single flower.
Spo spore Primarily unsepted gamete that develop into a new organism without fertilization.
TF mericarp One segment of a fruit that breaks at maturity into units derived from the individual carpels.
TFSt part of infructescence Fragment of the infructescence that forms a single unit and looks like being one fruits but actually is made up from several fruits.
TFZb mericarp with appendage Mericarp with parts of the perianth.
v vegetative Reproduction is primarily vegetative in Germany and not through fruits
Za cone Group of woody sporophylls arranged compactly on a central woody axis.
ZaT part of cone Woody scale that disconnects from the cone axis.
possible attribute values "Heteromorphic type"
label name description
A1 disk fruit or central fruit  
A2 peripheral fruit  
B1 upper fruit (or fruitlet)  
B2 lower fruit (or fruitlet)  
C1 unwinged seed  
C2 winged seed  
D1 plane or biconvex germinule/with perigone or pappus  
D2 triangular germinule/with perigone or pappus  
E1 winged "caterpillar-like" fruit  
E2 unwinged "caterpillar-like" fruit  
E3 uncinate fruit  
E4 fruit boat-shaped or with flying devices  
F1 black seed/with perigone  
F2 brown seed/with perigone  
G1 black germinule/with perigone  
G2 black germinule/with prophyll  
G3 red-brown or smaller brown germinule/with prophyll  
G4 yellow-brown or larger brown germinule/with prophyll  
H1 glume/fruit from glume  
H2 glume + sterile floret (part of infructescence)/fruit from glume + sterile floret (part of infructescence)  
I1 glume with long awn  
I2 glume with short awn  
J1 calyx bidentate  
J2 calyx tridentate  
L no metric information for this type  
n not heteromorphic