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trait details of "Heterostyly"

group of trait Floral and reproductive biology
description Heterostyly is the formation of styles and filaments of different length on different plants which is often accompanied by differences in pollen size and pollen surface. Heterostyly often coincides with intramorph incompatibility and acts as outcrossing mechanism.
trait attribute attribute type
Heterostyly range of values
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possible attribute values "Heterostyly"
label name description
h homostylous
Hetero/homostyly: h
Only one type of style/filament
d distylous
Hetero/homostyly: e
Two flower types: long styled with short filaments, short styled with long filaments
t tristylous
Hetero/homostyly: e
Three types: short styled with long and medium filaments, medium styled with long and short f., short styled with long and medium f.
e heterostylous
Hetero/homostyly: ???
Different types of flowers with varying length of style and filaments