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trait details of "Strategy type"

group of trait Ecological strategy
description Ecological strategy type following the system of GRIME.
trait attribute attribute type
Strategy type range of values
  This overview displays all details for a trait including defined attributes (additional information concerning a trait) and possible states.
possible attribute values "Strategy type"
label name description
c competitors Trees, shrubs and forbs with high competitive power due to their morphological and/or physiological characters and life history traits.
cr competitors/ruderals Intermediate type between competitors and ruderals.
cs competitors/stress-tolerators Intermediate type between competitors and stress-tolerators.
csr competitors/stress-tolerators/ruderals Intermediate type, usually rosette plants or small, perennial species which can utilize spatio-temporal niches very well and have an intermediate life span.
r ruderals Usually annual, weedy plant species which produce many seeds and can easily colonize pioneer habitats.
s stress-tolerators Species with only little growth and morphological and/or physiological adaptations to conditions that may in either very rare or overabundant (e.g. minerals, protons, water or drought).
sr stress-tolerators/ruderals Intermediate type between stress-tolerators and ruderals.