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trait details of "Floristic zone and altitudinal level"

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description Floristic zones are the characteristic sequences of plant assemblages from the poles to the equator due to climatic factors. Within a floristic zone, a plant may grow in several altitudinal levels. These altitudinal levels are not defined by an absolute altitude but may differ according the floristic zone or the exposition. Primary drivers are climatic factors (as for the floristic zones).
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Floristic zone range of values
Altitudinal level range of values
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possible attribute values "Floristic zone"
label name description
u austral and/or antarctic Floristic zones of the southern hemisphere; corresponding the temperate to meridional zones and/or the boreal to arctic zones of the northern hemisphere
r tropical Humid zone with evergreen broad-leaved forests
o subtropical Winter dry zone with savannahs and dry forests
m meridional Zone of evergreen broad-leaved and coniferous forests, steppes and deserts
e submeridional Zone of summer-green dry forests and steppes
p southern temperate Southern temperate zone with summer-green deciduous forests
n northern temperate Northern temperate zone with summer-green deciduous forests
b boreal Northern taiga coniferous forests
a arctic Tundras north of the treeline
possible attribute values "Altitudinal level"
label name description
n demontane Altitudinal range from the montane spruce-beech-zone to lower altitudinal zones
m montane Altitudinal range within the spruce-beech-zone
p perialpine Range around mountains with alpine tundra zones; variable in altitude
d de(sub)alpine Altitudinal range from the alpine tundra zone or subalpine krummholz zone, respectively, to lower altitudinal zones
s subalpine Altitudinal range in the krummholz zone
a alpine Altitudinal range in the alpine tundra above treeline