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Floristic zone and altitudinal level Floristic zones are the characteristic sequences of plant assemblages from the poles to the equator due to climatic factors. Within a floristic zone, a plant may grow in several altitudinal levels. These altitudinal levels are not defined by an absolute altitude but may differ according the floristic zone or the exposition. Primary drivers are climatic factors (as for the floristic zones).
Number of inhabited floristic zones The "Number of inhabited floristic zones" gives the number of floristic zones within the natural range of a plant species. "Southern temperate" and "northern temperate" are aggregated, as they are actually subzones of one zone.
Oceanity Oceanity reflects the amplitude of inhabited oceanic levels. It characterizes the range of a plant species from the coasts to the centres of the continents.
Floristic region "Floristic regions" are continents or parts thereof in which a species occurs. When parts of continents are provided (e.g. "Alps"), a species is restricted to this area.
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