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BiolFlor-Name family german name(s)
Agrostis x murbeckii Fouill. ex P. Fourn. (Agrostis capillaris x A. stolonifera) Poaceae » Bastard-Straußgras
Kühn, I., Klotz, S. 2002: Systematik, Taxonomie und Nomenklatur. In: Klotz, S., Kühn, I., Durka, W. (Hrsg.): BIOLFLOR - Eine Datenbank mit biologisch-ökologischen Merkmalen zur Flora von Deutschland. Schriftenreihe für Vegetationskunde. Bonn »
Synonymy (taxonomy after Wisskirchen & Haeupler, 1998)
Agrostis x murbeckii Fouill. ex P. Fourn. accepted
Agrostis x intermedia C. Weber, non Balbis, nom. illeg. Synonym
group of traits: Status »
Floristic status »
Floristic status I (indigenous)
Evolutionary origin »
Evolutionary origin n (naturally)
Region of origin »
Region of origin 0 (not specified)
Endemism »
Endemism 0 (not specified)
Reference unbekannt
group of traits: Chromosome number »
Chromosome number »
Basic chromosome number 7
Chromosome number 2n  
Chromosome number (Germany) False
Most common chromosome race False
Ploidy level  
Ploidy type  
group of traits: Phylogeny »
Phylogeny code »
group of traits: Morphology »
Life form »
Life form H (Hemicryptophyte)
Qualifier always [1]
Life span »
Life span p (pluriennial-pollakanthic)
Qualifier always [1]
Vegetative propagation »
Vegetative propagation a (Runner)
Qualifier always [1]
Storage organs »
Storage organs a (Runner)
Qualifier always [1]
Shoot metamorphoses »
Shoot metamorphoses a (Runner)
Qualifier always [1]
Rosettes »
Rosettes h (Hemirosette plant)
Qualifier always [1]
group of traits: Leaf traits »
Leaf form »
Leaf form gras (grass-like)
group of traits: Floral and reproductive biology »
Type of reproduction »
Type of reproduction sv (by seed and vegetatively)
Reference Krumbiegel, A. 2002: Morphologie der vegetativen Organe (außer Blätter). In: Klotz, S., Kühn, I., Durka, W. (Hrsg.) BiolFlor - Biologisch-ökologische Daten zur Flora Deutschlands, S. 1-2, Bonn
Type of seed production »
Type of seed production s (amphimictic, sexual)
Reference Anmerkung 2002: Sexuelle Samenproduktion, da keine Apomikten in Gattung bekannt
Dicliny »
Dicliny so (hermaphroditic)
Abundance always [1]
Reference Connor, H.E. 1979: Breeding system in the grasses: a survey. New Zealand Journal of Botany 17:547-574
Self-sterility and self-incompatibility »
Self-sterility and self-incompatibility SI (self-incompatibel)
Reference Conert, H.J. 1979: Poaceae. In: Hegi, G.B. (Hrsg.) Illustrierte Flora von Mitteleuropa, 1(3), S. 1-843, Parey, Berlin
Systematic reference genus [G]
SI mechanism »
SI mechanism GSI (gametophytic self-incompatibility)
Reference de Nettancourt, D. 1977: Incompatibility in angiosperms. Springer, Berlin
Pollen vector »
Pollen vector wi (wind)
Pollen vector group: ab (abiotische Bestäubung)
Abundance always [1]
Reference Anmerkung 2002: pers. obs.
Systematic reference genus [G]
Breeding system »
Breeding system X (allogamous)
Reference Anmerkung 2002: xenogam, da SI
Flower class after MUELLER »
Flower class after MUELLER W (wind flowers)
Typical pollinators: -
Flower type after KUGLER »
Flower type after KUGLER 0 (not applicable)
group of traits: Ecological strategy »
Strategy type »
Strategy type  
group of traits: Range »
Floristic zone and altitudinal level »
Floristic zone e (submeridional)
Altitudinal level  
Status natural range
Floristic zone p (southern temperate)
Altitudinal level  
Status natural range
Floristic zone n (northern temperate)
Altitudinal level  
Status natural range
Floristic zone b (boreal)
Altitudinal level  
Status natural range
Number of inhabited floristic zones »
Number of inhabited floristic zones 3
Floristic region »
Floristic region e (Europe)
Continent of floristic region: e (Europa)
Status natural range
group of traits: Hemeroby »
Number of hemerobic levels »
Number of hemerobic levels 0
group of traits: Urbanity »
Urbanity »
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Chromosome number »
Phylogeny »
Morphology »
Leaf traits »
Floral and reproductive biology »
Ecological strategy »
Range »
Hemeroby »
Urbanity »

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