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BiolFlor-Name family german name(s)
Dactylorhiza cruenta (O. F. Müller) Soó Orchidaceae » Blutrotes Knabenkraut
Kühn, I., Klotz, S. 2002: Systematik, Taxonomie und Nomenklatur. In: Klotz, S., Kühn, I., Durka, W. (Hrsg.): BIOLFLOR - Eine Datenbank mit biologisch-ökologischen Merkmalen zur Flora von Deutschland. Schriftenreihe für Vegetationskunde. Bonn »
Synonymy (taxonomy after Wisskirchen & Haeupler, 1998)
Dactylorhiza cruenta (O. F. Müller) Soó accepted
Dactylorhiza incarnata var. cruenta (O. F. Müller) Hyl. Synonym
Dactylorchis incarnata subsp. cruenta (O. F. Müller) Verm. Synonym
Orchis cruenta O. F. Müller Basionym
Dactylorhiza incarnata subsp. cruenta (O. F. Müller) P. D. Sell Synonym
<Dactylorhiza incarnata agg. accepted
<Dactylorhiza incarnata (L.) Soó, s. l. Synonym
group of traits: Status »
Floristic status »
Floristic status I (indigenous)
Evolutionary origin »
Evolutionary origin n (naturally)
Region of origin »
Region of origin 0 (not specified)
Endemism »
Endemism 0 (not specified)
Reference unbekannt
group of traits: Chromosome number »
Chromosome number »
Basic chromosome number 20
Chromosome number 2n 40
Chromosome number (Germany) True
Most common chromosome race False
Ploidy level 2 (diploid)
Ploidy type R (palaeopolyploid; polyploid basic number)
Reference Oberdorfer, E. 1983: Pflanzensoziologische Exkursionsflora. Ulmer, Stuttgart
group of traits: Phylogeny »
Phylogeny code »
group of traits: Morphology »
Life form »
Life form G (Geophyte)
Qualifier always [1]
Life span »
Life span p (pluriennial-pollakanthic)
Qualifier always [1]
Vegetative propagation »
Vegetative propagation iw (Innovation bud with root tuber)
Qualifier sometimes [2]
Storage organs »
Storage organs wk (Root tuber)
Qualifier always [1]
Root metamorphoses »
Root metamorphoses wk (Root tuber)
Qualifier always [1]
Rosettes »
Rosettes h (Hemirosette plant)
Qualifier always [1]
group of traits: Leaf traits »
Leaf persistence »
Leaf persistence s (summer green)
Leaf anatomy »
Leaf anatomy m (mesomorphic)
Leaf form »
Leaf form lang (long-leaf)
group of traits: Flowering phenology »
Flowering phenology »
Begin of flowering (months) 6
End of flowering (months) 7
Duration of flowering (months) 2
Number of flowering phases 0
Symphenological Groups »
Phenological group 0 (not available)
Phenological season: not available
Reference Dierschke, H 1995: Phänologische und symphänologische Artengruppen von Blütenpflanzen in Mitteleuropa. Tuexenia 15: 523-560
group of traits: Floral and reproductive biology »
Type of reproduction »
Type of reproduction s (by seed/by spore)
Reference Krumbiegel, A. 2002: Morphologie der vegetativen Organe (außer Blätter). In: Klotz, S., Kühn, I., Durka, W. (Hrsg.) BiolFlor - Biologisch-ökologische Daten zur Flora Deutschlands, S. 1-2, Bonn
Type of seed production »
Type of seed production s (amphimictic, sexual)
Reference Knuth, P. 1898: Handbuch der Blütenbiologie. Leipzig
Dicliny »
Dicliny so (hermaphroditic)
Abundance always [1]
Reference Knuth, P. 1898: Handbuch der Blütenbiologie. Leipzig
Self-sterility and self-incompatibility »
Self-sterility and self-incompatibility SC (self-compatibel)
Reference East, E.M. 1940: The distribution of self-sterility in the flowering plants. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 82:449-518
Systematic reference genus [G]
Pollen vector »
Pollen vector in (insects)
Pollen vector group: zo (Tierbestäubung)
Abundance always [1]
Reference Knuth, P. 1898: Handbuch der Blütenbiologie. Leipzig
Systematic reference species [S]
Breeding system »
Breeding system XF (facultative allogamous)
Reference Anmerkung 2002: vgl. Klassifizierungsschema Abb.
Floral rewards »
Floral rewards 1 (nectar)
Reference Knuth, P. 1898: Handbuch der Blütenbiologie. Leipzig
Amount of floral reward 3 (present)
Flower color »
Flower colour purple red
Basic flower colour pu (purple)
Reference Haeupler, H., Muer, T. 2000: Bildatlas der Farn- und Blütenpflanzen Deutschlands. Ulmer, Stuttgart
Flower class after MUELLER »
Flower class after MUELLER B (flowers with totally hidden nectar)
Typical pollinators: bees, bumblebees, wasps, bombylides, syrphids
Flower type after KUGLER »
Flower type after KUGLER 5.4 (lip flowers, Orchis type)
group of traits: Seed traits »
Fruit type »
Fruit type Ka (capsule)
Diaspore type »
Diaspore type S (seed)
Germinule type »
Heteromorphic type n (not heteromorphic)
Germinule type S (seed)
Information available False
Development of nutritious appendages  
Development of flat appendages  
Development of elongated appendages  
Development of additional appendages  
special references:
Ziegler, B. 1981: Mikromorphologie der Orchideen-Samen unter Berücksichtigung taxonomischer Aspekte. Universität Heidelberg (Gattung)
group of traits: Ecological strategy »
Strategy type »
Strategy type csr (competitors/stress-tolerators/ruderals)
group of traits: Range »
Floristic zone and altitudinal level »
Floristic zone p (southern temperate)
Altitudinal level  
Status natural range
Floristic zone n (northern temperate)
Altitudinal level  
Status natural range
Floristic zone b (boreal)
Altitudinal level  
Status natural range
Number of inhabited floristic zones »
Number of inhabited floristic zones 2
Oceanity »
Oceanity ks (weak continental)
Amplitude of Oceanity: 4
Minimum level of oceantity: extreme central continental climate
Maximum level of oceantity: oceanic climate
Status natural range
Floristic region »
Floristic region e (Europe)
Continent of floristic region: e (Europa)
Status natural range
Floristic region s (Siberia)
Continent of floristic region: a (Asien)
Status natural range
group of traits: Hemeroby »
Hemeroby »
Hemeroby o (oligohemerobic)
Hemeroby m (mesohemerobic)
Number of hemerobic levels »
Number of hemerobic levels 2
group of traits: Urbanity »
Urbanity »
Urbanity 1 (urbanophobic)
group of traits: Habitats »
Habitat »
Habitat S2.2.2 (null)
Alliance: Caricion davallianae
Occurrence questionable False
Occurence restricted False
group of traits: Sociology »
Class »
English circumscription 02.2 (Communities of pools and bog-pools)
Class: Scheuchzerio-Caricetea nigrae
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Status »
Chromosome number »
Phylogeny »
Morphology »
Leaf traits »
Flowering phenology »
Floral and reproductive biology »
Seed traits »
Ecological strategy »
Range »
Hemeroby »
Urbanity »
Habitats »
Sociology »

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